Wrought Iron in The Garden

Wrought iron planters, plant hangers, hanging baskets, and window boxes are my favorite holders for plants – both indoors and as outdoor garden furniture and accessories.

Although wrought iron is now either cast iron or steel, iron has been used in decorative elements and features for centuries. The aged look of metal offers the perfect highlights to green hues of many plant and flower varieties, while the intricate pieces welded together create a sturdy and decorative home for your plants that will last for many years.

Display Multiple Plants

Tiered wrought iron plant stands and shelves are perfect for displaying multiple plants in varied heights and sizes, offering a little extra protection from your plants tipping over indoors with the cats and the kids, or outside with a heavy gust of wind or two.

WVintage_Wrought_Iron_Plant_Stand_Straight_flower.jpg_220x220rought Iron Stairs

This beautiful iron stair step plant stand is accented with elegant scrolls and cast iron details. It’s a memorable indoor and outdoor garden accessory and very durable,¬†with multiple tiers at varying levels; a great way to display individual plants without them being hidden by others.

There are many styles of wrought iron and cast iron plant stands that are stronger than just a thin metal stand to display your heavy potted plants on, and a wide variety of shapes and sizes that are powder coated for lasting durability.

Wrought iron is a great accent for displaying other decorative items and garden accessories for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Plant stands created from metal compliment wood furniture and pieces perfectly.

Hang them up instead on a wrought iron tree stand. Space saving, and makes a beautiful display…not just with flowering baskets but also long hanging vines.

Decorative Iron Bird Cages

Not just for the birds….iron bird cages are a great option for displaying plants and unique garden props.

Hang them up, or leave them on the ground near multiple foliage to give an antique charm to your garden space!

Strong Hangers

Window boxes and hanging baskets are also created in wrought and cast iron, and some of them are very intricately designed. They are a beautiful decorative option instead of the usual wooden plant boxes and plastic container hangers for your plants and flowers, especially if you are going to display them in highly visible areas such as windows and porches in the front of your home.

A tiered iron plant stand is perfect for container gardening and to maximize space. Display long hanging vines that wrap around and drape down the sides of the stand to add height near smaller pots and planters.

Wrought Iron Tea Pot

Use indoors or outdoors. Unique wrought iron tea pot planters for your kitchen,where you can grow your favourite herbs, or display your potted beauties in a whimsical garden setting.

The ideas are endless, and if you find the right manufacturer, you can have them made to your own designs and specs. All contribute to an original and attractive garden.