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The Growing Popularity of Grooming for Men

These days, men are becoming more and more focused on their looks and appearance and this has been intensified by popular TV programs and by the media. As well as this, platforms such as Facebook and Instagram make people wish to look their best in the hundreds of photos that are uploaded by users who naturally desire their friends and family see them in the best possible light.

While the female population have always had an interest in maintaining their appearance and used beauty salons frequently, men too are now seeking professional grooming services for a wide range of appearance and hygiene enhancing treatments.

With many male celebrities such as Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsey openly admitting to turning to anti–ageing treatments to improve their looks, the old-fashioned stigma that using beauty treatments is somehow not “manly” has all but disappeared.

Popular grooming treatments among the UK’s male population include fake tans, eyelashes treatments, hair waxing, facials to improve the skin, and botox. Like women, men are also becoming more interested in the style of their hair – in decades past men would pop into the barbers for a quick number 4 crew cut and be done with it, but these days, like women they are prepared to spend large amounts of money in top hair salons to get the best cut possible.

One of the most popular treatments for men is that of the fake tan. This has become trendy with males as the risks of UV rays prove to be a big concern. TV programmes such as TOWIE also advocate fake tans for both men and women, and this has surely also has increased the popularity of this treatment. Getting a fake tan is a great way to look your best as a social event such as a wedding or birthday party and it can be achieved in a short time, particularly if you opt for a spray tan. However, it should be noted, overdoing fake tan can give you a decidedly orange glow, so you have been warned!