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Redecorating a Room Without Removing The Carpet

Everyone wants great home décor, but replacing the floor isn’t always an option. Here are a few ideas to redecorate a room while keeping the same carpet.

Carpet is becoming a less popular home flooring choice, particularly in high-traffic areas or in great open concept rooms, but when new flooring isn’t an option how do you update a room’s design so that it still looks modern?

Add Layers and Texture with Area Rugs

Older carpet may have worn areas or stains, or it just might be that the colour is no longer appealing with current colour trends. Add area rugs on top of the existing carpet to create warmth and texture in the room as well as to hide unsightly spots and more of the unappealing colour. Use different sized area rugs throughout the room to define separate areas – a small mat beneath a desk or at the bedside, a large rug to define a sitting area or dining room. Mixing up the sizes when using multiple area rugs will create interest throughout the room. Avoid using too many small mats as this can make the space look cluttered. Find suppliers in a directory, this is a good one.

Incorporate the Colour

If you must keep the carpet when redecorating a room, even if you dislike the colour you cannot ignore it altogether. Even if you intend to cover large areas of it with area rugs and throws, some will still be visible. Many designers consider the floor the fifth wall in a room so to make your room appears pulled together and modern, it must be incorporated. If you really despise the colour use another shade or two in the same colour family on the walls, trim, or in other fabrics in the room. Ensuring that the carpet is not the only place the colour shows up will actually help it to blend in.

Make a Design Statement

If you are updating your room décor and the condition and colour of the existing carpet is alright, use it as a counterpoint to your overall design to make the carpet appear as a purposeful design choice. Consider a contrasting colour scheme like brown walls with blue carpet or pink fabrics with brown carpet. And again pick up the colour in other accents in the room like a punchy vase or gorgeous bedspread.

Popular floor coverings like tile, cork, and hardwood offer an instant update to dated décor, but it is not always cost effective or possible to remove existing carpet. But with the right colour scheme and accessories you can keep that carpet and still have modern and fresh room redesign.