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How To Switch From Cigarettes To E Cigarettes

Many smokers are now deciding to make the change from normal cigarettes onto Electronic Cigarettes. The amount that one saves when switching to Electronic Cigarettes is often a temptation as well as the fact that Electronic Cigarettes have been known to produce a smoking experience that is lighter and potentially healthier than the normal cigarette. Many individuals that switch onto Electronic Cigarettes comment on the fact that they still feel the desire to smoke their old favorite brand of cigarettes, but that when they do light up one of these cigarettes, they put it out straight away and prefer to go back to that of the Electronic Cigarettes. In this article we will look at some of the things to consider when switching from cigarettes to Electronic Cigarettes.

The switch to vapor cigarettes may result in the symptoms of coughing and throat clearing. This is because the lungs are clearing out the tar and the mucus that was generated when smoking real cigarettes. The coughing up of certain substances such as Phlegm may seem as a negative effect, but it is actually a positive thing and shows that your lungs are mending themselves, by getting rid of the substances that have collected on the surface of the lungs. These symptoms usually last around a week and may be most noticeable in the mornings. However, after ten days or so, the effects should have worn off. If the symptoms persist, one can obtain over the counter medicines that will help, especially if the symptoms are irritable.

When you make the transition to E Cigs, you may also find that your overall sense to taste changes in several ways. One can often find that previous flavors that seemed perfectly exceptable when one smoked cigarettes, are now tasting too strong. One may also find that they enjoy flavors and foods that they disliked when they were smoking cigarettes. Menthol cigarettes tend to effect the taste buds more than other brands and this should be considered when making the switch to E Cigs.