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Be Prepared – Emergency Plumbing Situations

Many things can go wrong with the plumbing in the home and like many other emergency situations, it usually happens at times when it is least expected. Waking up to a floor flooded with water because a pipe has burst, or a toilet that has overflowed is not something people expect early in the morning or in the late night hours of the night. However these are situations where the best thing to do is call out an emergency plumber to the rescue.

Knowing when it is time to call an emergency plumber

When faced with a plumbing emergency, some people will try to fix it themselves, but end up often just making things worse, or they don’t quite fix the root of the problem and the incident will soon reoccur. If you do not really know exactly what you are doing, you could be making a false economical move trying to fix it yourself, so don’t make this mistake.

However, before you go calling a plumbing firm which is on call 24 hours a day and night like I did the other week,  you do need to determine exactly how serious the problem is. While there are few household problems worse than having a clogged drain either in the bath tub or the sink, it is probably not something that desperately needs to be fixed at midnight.

When these kinds of things happen, it’s normally just something that has slipped down the drain accidentally that should not have gone down. Most of the time a clogged sink or drain is not an emergency situation and people are able to turn their own water off at the sink, unscrew the pipe and see what the problem is. If you cannot do it yourself, you probably have a friend who can, and this is not really a reason to call a plumber to the rescue right away.

Maybe the worst thing that can possibly happen related to home plumbing is for the toilet to stop working or to overflow – this is not a pretty sight. It is important to call a plumber as soon as you see signs that the toilet is not flushing correctly because having sewage seeping throughout the house can be devastating and it can take weeks to get floors or carpets back in order.

Costs related with calling an emergency plumber

Reputable plumbers will not charge huge amounts of money for coming out to unclog a drain or fix a pipe under normal circumstances. The costs will be higher if new pipes have to be laid outside due to corroding or bursting due to cold weather or other reasons.

However if you call a plumber due to an emergency situation which could lead to severe damage in the home you will have to pay a surcharge due to the plumber having to drop whatever he was doing to come to you rescue. However, in many cases when the plumber arrives he will apply a quick fix to stop the immediate problem, and return at a more normal hour with any required parts to complete the task. The second visit will usually be charged at a regular rate.

It is of course best to watch what goes down the toilets and the sinks as to prevent things like these from happening and to save you hassle and ultimately money.