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5 Top Tips for Eyebrow Shaping and Plucking

You only have to look at these photos of eyebrow tattoos to see what a difference a well-defined set of eyebrows can make to your face. Successfully shaping your eyebrows can give your whole look a lift and make you feel like a million dollars. By following the tips you can achieve the desired effect.

Follow this simple advice for a smooth shaping experience with great results.

Eyebrows should be well groomed and never over-plucked. It’s best to find a style that compliments your face shape and avoid making snap decisions with the tweezers in your hand!

Follow these 5 top trade tips to keep your brows defined and gorgeous.

1. If plucking brings on the tears, numb the area

The standard advice used to be to rub an ice-cube over the eyebrow before beginning but this actually makes the skin contract and can make plucking more painful! The best advice is to use a warm wet flannel on the area or pluck after a hot bath when your pores will be open. You can also purchase numbing sprays or use the classic fashion show secret – baby teething gel!

2. Learn the correct way to pluck

Always pluck in the direction the hairs are going. Pull the skin slightly taut and pluck into the desired shape. Don’t scrape the skin to get to the tiny hairs. The skin on the eyebrows is delicate and you can damage it by being too aggressive. Outdated advice often suggests it’s not a good idea to pluck the tops of the eyebrows but top beauticians and make-up artists are advising that it’s safe to pluck the top of the eyebrows as well as the bottom.

3. Use concealer to see the effect before plucking

Can’t envision the final look? Scared to pluck without a clear idea of the results? Grab your concealer and mark out the shape you want by colouring the hair you plan to pluck. If you have long hair make sure you look at the eyebrow shape with the hair up and down to see if you’re completely happy with it before going ahead.

4. A good pair of tweezers is important

Buy a high quality pair for excellent precision. This will significantly lessen the possibility of mistakes and make plucking and shaping a smoother and more enjoyable experience. But remember, even top quality tweezers go blunt! You can sharpen tweezers effectively with a new nail file.

5. Use pencils, powders and shaping wax

Even after the perfect pluck you may still want variation. Whether it’s a desire to darken the eyebrows, lengthen them or thicken them for dramatic effect, good eyebrow powders that match the hair colour can be excellent for changing your look. I personally use the Urban Decay Brow Box which comes with soft wax for shaping and smoothing, two powder colours, a perfectly sized application brush and a mini set of tweezers.